Recruitment 2021

Hello, and thank you for considering registering for Panhellenic Recruitment 2021 at Washington University in St. Louis. Registration for Recruitment 2021 is now Open! Please follow the link below to register for Recruitment 2021 and please read the important registration dates and information below regarding important dates before registering.

If you have any questions or concerns about registration or the recruitment process in general please contact

Thank you for considering Panhellenic Recruitment 2021!

Important Recruitment Information/Dates 2021:

  • Registration will be open from January 15th through February 5th at noon.
  • Registration fees:
    • There are no registration fees for this year’s recruitment. Please review other changes being made to this year’s recruitment on our Instagram account
  • Dates to Know: 
    • There will be a Mandatory Meeting for Potential New Members who registered for Panhellenic Recruitment on Sunday, February 7th. 
    • Recruitment events can begin on Wednesday, February 10th.
    • The first phase of Panhellenic Recruitment events will end with Bid Extension on Monday, March 8th and Bid Acceptance on Tuesday, March 9th. Chapters may choose to continue extending bids after this date.
  • Expectations for Recruitment:
    • Our recruitment will, in every way possible, aim to provide an equitable experience for Potential New Members (PNMs) and Actives alike. 
    • WPA aims to create a community of women who support each other. Our recruitment will be rooted in community over competition. 
    • In addition to WPA, individual chapters will hold each other accountable to follow a set of guiding principles based in fairness, equity, and inclusivity. 
    • Recruitment 2021 is our council’s opportunity to re-shape the WashU Sorority and Fraternity Life (SFL) community. We expect all WPA chapters and individual members to uphold the values and ideals that are shaping this transformation. We will educate all members––Actives and PNMs alike––on our reform efforts and expect they will contribute to this process.
  • Continuous Recruitment Structure:
    • Panhellenic Recruitment 2021 will use a continuous recruitment structure. 
    • This means that there is no structured schedule set by WPA (ex. no schedule telling each Potential New Member [PNM] when they will meet each chapter).
    • Each chapter will host events throughout February and early March. PNMs will recieve a calendar of these events and may choose which events they would like to attend. 
    • Have questions about continuous recruitment? Feel free to contact

Registration Link:

Panhellenic Recruitment Registration Link

Make sure to download the recruitment guide as well for more information.