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About Panhellenic

As members of the recognized sororities of Washington University in St. Louis, we exist to complement the mission of the university. Our Greek principles inspire our contribution to a positive campus life. While the individual values articulated below are not exclusive to our community, it is the establishment and active pursuit of Aretê– a lifestyle learned through experience- that reaffirms our purpose and distinguishes us as Greek.

College is an incredibly transformative period in life and can be quite daunting at first. At a school like WashU, with over 8,000 students, joining Greek Life is an amazing way to make a large community feel more personal. 

Over 400 women at WashU are members of the Panhellenic community, making up 6 National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) chapters. While each chapter provides its own unique experience, all sororities on campus provide personal development in the areas of sisterhood, academics, community involvement, philanthropy, DEI, health, social engagement, mentorship, and networking. 

While certainly a time commitment, participating in a Greek organization at WashU supplements and enhances the undergraduate experience. Members of the Panhellenic Community are also involved in other extracurriculars such as undergraduate research, varsity and club sports, professional fraternities, campus jobs, internships, campus clubs, and more.

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